Desire is what gets you started, Routine is what keeps you Going..!


Often we have a lot of ambitions and targets for which we may have stronger desires to achieve them. We start working towards them with a stimulation of motivation but later the tasks are left incomplete. Doesn’t it happen?

How about working towards our ambitions by making it a habit?

Habit naturally takes the form of a routine and the targets which earlier were left incomplete could eventually be a success, isn’t it?

Yes, making our work and desires the part of our habit and routine will definitely help us keep going!

But additionally, I feel, the habits should be chosen by proper planning. In more simple terms, the habits shall be supportive habits that make us feel effortless and helps us move closer to our goals. Else non-supportive habits may lead to draining out of energy and mere waste of time.

If such supportive habits are adopted, they spontaneously become a part of our daily routine and eventually keeps us going to move closer to our goals!!!

Thereby, only having a strong desire and ambition may not be enough, a little motivation and lots of supportive routine work along the path of our goals will ultimately keep us going until we achieve them…!


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