Blockchain Analytics

The aim of this blog is to demonstrate the concept of blockchain and private distributed ledger with respect to privacy-preserving data science. The blog also states the currently used blockchain analytics techniques for blockchain-oriented data science, visualization techniques, and benchmarking of popular blockchain frameworks which highlight some significant limitations in Ethereum, Parity, and Hyperledger blockchain

Data Scientist Nanodegree from Udacity

What a journey I must say! Totally excited to share that I graduated with the advanced “Data Scientist Nanodegree” program on Udacity co-created by Airbnb, Starbucks, IBM, and Figure Eight. It was a wonderfully curated Nanodegree program that exposed me to the best in class industry practices and standards in Data Science, which was a

Executing Long Running Tasks in Google App Engine – How to do it?

Most of the times a question flashes into the mind of the developers especially those who work on the Google Cloud Platform: What if I am using Google App Engine Platform as a Service and will be having long running tasks that should run in the background for hours or maybe even days, is it

Data Lake – Why should we use one?

From the last few years, we have observed a massive growth in the data than we have ever seen. Many organizations find an opportunity from this big data and develop different strategies to monetize it. But the major challenge is “Where to store all the data?” We have data warehouses that store the data as

Data Science – Understanding the concept and why it is important?

Over the last decade, there has been a massive growth in both data generated and data retained. These data are retained by companies as well as you and me, isn’t it? Sometimes, we call this as the “Big Data”. Nowadays, the term “Data Science” is gaining a wide recognition. But what does a data scientist

Cognitive Computing – Understanding the Concept

In the today’s digital transformation age, we use the computers for high-end data processing and making calculations. Most of the computers can capture, move, and store the data. But as of now, they cannot understand what does the data mean. For example, the computers are well ahead and best for processing applications, but are not

Imagineering…! Engineering Imagination

Since the very beginning, imagination is the part of the progress of our lives. It is the power of imagination that has always led to the creation of remarkable structures and theories may it be in the area of computer science, aviation technology, healthcare, understanding people etc. It’s the imagination that has helped to create the number of

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) -A Digital Revolution

Indeed the Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly contributing to solving our day to day problems. Products such as Pizza Button, IoT Refrigerators etc seems to be futuristic but its powering great amount of technology around us. When the first pacemaker was implanted in 1958, it set off a wave of medical engineering innovation that

Desire is what gets you started, Routine is what keeps you Going..!

Motivation! Often we have a lot of ambitions and targets for which we may have stronger desires to achieve them. We start working towards them with a stimulation of motivation but later the tasks are left incomplete. Doesn’t it happen? How about working towards our ambitions by making it a habit? Habit naturally takes the form