Geocoding Data Project

Built the entire geocoding data objects in the data warehouse from scratch to production using big data, hadoop, scala and spark framework.


Contributed to the successful DLNP project at ICBC, aiding the transition to 8-digit DL numbers and data warehouse redesign, positively impacting millions of British Columbians. Collaborated within a team of Senior Data Engineers and Architect Owners, using disciplined agile methodologies, resulting in a significant reduction in work delivery time. Leveraged Big Data capabilities with the


Engaged in the ICBC RAAP (Rate Affordability Action Plan) initiative, contributing to the transformation of the existing vehicle-based insurance model into an individual driver-based system. The aim was to provide the citizens of British Columbia with a fair and personalized insurance rate model. Key Responsibilities: Developed data pipelines within the Hadoop-based Enterprise Data Warehouse, focusing

Driver Licence Data Reporting

Produced Tableau reports for contravention data, enhancing data visualization and insights as a continuation to my work in the past 4 months to build the contravention data pipelines. Supported the contravention big data project developed during the co-op, contributing to the successful implementation and optimization of data processing. Generated impactful Tableau reports tailored for business