The season of “Clouds” – An Overview of trending perceptions of Cloud Computing

The rain has marked its attendance.  It really feels rejuvenating and refreshing sitting at home on the weekend and reading much more about newer and upcoming technologies. Looking out in the sky, the cloudy weather was energizing. The season of Cloud (Computing) “now” seems to be perfect and these morning clouds motivated me to gain much deeper knowledge on the trending concept – cloud computing.

Since morning, I referred diverse sources of information on cloud computing and had a glance on few of the great references such as Cloudonomics – by Joe Weinman and Architecting the Cloud – by Michael J. Kavis.

Having a good experience in working with cloud technologies and having gained a good knowledge by going through these fresh sources, following are my views on major four acumens of cloud computing:

1. Why Cloud Computing?

  • The best reason I find for using Cloud Computing is “On-Demand” services and pay as you go pricing. The simple explanation to this is, why to buy the milk factory when you only need a packet of milk daily. Let’s understand with an example, when you need a high-performance gaming experience only for a few hours, do you think buying a whole new set of highly expensive hardware is economical? Instead, get on-demand performance and gaming platforms on cloud and pay only for the amount of processing you performed, some cloud providers offer a per second billing facility which enables you to track your expenses, economical isn’t it?

2. A variety of Service Offerings

  • The three public cloud giants – “Microsoft Azure”, “Google Cloud” and “Amazon Web Services” are currently offering hundreds of different cloud services ranging from storage to computing, databases to big data processing, virtual machines to Internet of Things (IoT) etc. These different services enable the developers to choose from different development platforms and start developing cost-efficient and highly scalable applications in different sectors of development. Thus, Cloud now has solutions for all types of developers, may it be Web Development, Software Development, Big Data Processing, Internet of Things (IoT) development etc.
  • I went through different documentations of these cloud providers and it really helped to gain a deeper understanding of these diverse services. Please find these documentations on the official website of these cloud service providers by clicking on different services and products offerings by them.

3. Uncountable API’s

  • The challenge we used to face earlier was how to connect our applications to the cloud services and products. Now, there are hundreds of API’s available through which we can connect our existing applications may it be developed in Java, Python, Ruby or any other popular language.
  • These API’s are solely made available by the cloud service providers itself. And the fascinating fact is, for almost all the programming essentials, the API is there to help out.

4. Security and Privacy

  • The most important part of using cloud services is understanding the security prospects. Considering the three giant cloud service providers, the security offered by them is of the highest level. All your data, applications insights and everything that you store in the cloud is completely safe under the most secure encryption and secure storage algorithms implemented by them. The security they provide to your data is sometimes even more than you could have implemented on-premise.


Spectating the ever growing importance of Cloud Computing in today’s market, it can be inferred beyond doubt that the season of “Cloud” (Computing) have marked its presence…!


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