Perfection – Wait for it or achieve it!

It is a fact to be thought upon, why to strive for perfection to carry out most of our tasks. Have we noticed that two clouds are never completely identical? If they would have had the same pattern, wouldn’t it be boring to see the same thing over and over again? In short, being different is what makes who we are. We often come up with different ideas almost daily, but do these ideas need to be perfect or identical? According to me, we compare our perspective of perfection with some successful or identical ideas which may restrict us to think our way i.e. differently. We know the fact that many of the successful ideas or brands were initially never regarded as perfect. They didn’t wait for perfection, they achieved it!

Perfection not only limits a person to put forward the ideas but also makes it difficult to take decisive actions. We often wait for perfection and miss the important decisions.

I remember the famous saying of great Businessman Mr. Ratan Tata:

I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and then make them right.

Isn’t it inspiring!

If we take the decisions in time, we have ample time later to correct the actions we have taken and lead them to success, but if we wait for the things to become perfect, I would say “Time waits for nobody“. If there is a delay, someone else may put forth their similar ideas and decisions while we were striving for perfection.

Ultimately, perfection is impervious for humans. In order to achieve greatness, don’t search for perfection, it is our “decision” that is going to back our dedication to excellence and help us achieve it.

Hence, to attain excellence, don’t wait for perfection, take the decision, make it happen and finally achieve it!


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