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“Rebuild” – Recapturing the routine and returning back to work

Often it feels like holidays and vacations should never go off and shall be enjoyed every day. We forget all our work and routines, rejuvenate ourselves and find best ways to enjoy to the fullest.

I am sure many of us might be familiar with the old saying “Great Achievement always require sacrifice”, though not permanently, but for an undefined amount of time. Thus, the cycle of “Rebuilding” continues, Rebuilding our work routine, academic routine, or continuing previous uncompleted projects by rebuilding new strategies after a satisfactory break from all these. Additionally, Recapturing the memories, working on them and taking efforts to rebuild new ways to improve and learn ourselves, marking achievements and again rejuvenating.

Indeed, to keep progressing, rebuilding should be followed as a law of nature.

For many of us, end of old followings or work ethics and beginning of new academic or work structures. Though sometimes rebuilding may be difficult but that’s what makes it challenging and interesting.

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